Mr Andy Elliott is a world renowned and sought after self defence instructor. His passion for the reality martial combatives and their tactical applications in our modern day society is captivating and edifying.

Besides having an academic depth of the theoretical and explanatory knowledge to tactical and functional applications of the principles he teaches, he also backs it up with the technical skills on a world class level. I would absolutely recommend anyone who is serious about improving their skills to take the opportunity to train with Andy Elliott.

Heikki Martikainen – FINLAND Former Finnish Army Green Beret (NCO Sgt, LDRP)

It is with great pleasure that (MDW South Africa) was able to have Andy Elliott travel for training in Cape Town South Africa. Our organisation has the privilege of providing training and developing training curriculums that deal with close quarter conflict solutions faced by Law Enforcement, Security, Military and VIP protection agencies that function in both the local South African environment and abroad.

Andy arrived here with a wealth of combat training experience of his own. This enabled him to easily grasp the combative principles and participate in high pressure training concepts and modules utilised in both Civilian and Law Enforcement environment. As an experienced combat instructor Andy dedicated time, not only to refining skills but understanding the context in which they should be presented to students. Andy displayed an ability to communicate the concepts we covered in a clear and concise manner which will serve those he teaches well. Andy is dedicated to his training and fully embraces the concept of responsible warriorship and shares our passion in providing skills focused on saving lives of those that serve and protect our communities. Since his training trip to South Africa in early 2009, Andy has stayed in constant contact and kept abreast with the latest training practices and methods. We look forward to working and training with Andy again in the near future.

Mark Human – SOUTH AFRICAInternational Chief Instructor Multi-Dimensional Warriors (MDW)

Andy Elliott is a very down to earth teacher that can walk his talk. He is a highly qualified self defense instructor with international standards. He is also a great public speaker with a passion to teach and share his unique knowledge to Tactical Teams as well as to the Corporate world.

If you have the chance to learn from Andy Elliott I give you my personal recommendation that you should.

NB: Johan teaches self defense to tactical units worldwide & conducts seminars, workshops & public speaking to clubs & corporations about strategies for performance & self defence.

Johan Skålberg – SWEDEN Professional International trainer & coach

Andy has been traveling to the Philippines with his students for many years. He teaches at the International training camps. His knowledge and skills are excellent. His students are of the highest standards worldwide. He can break every move down to the finest detail and prove why and how it will work in real time. He makes everything so easy to understand in combat, due to his understanding of hand and weapon skills.

Andy has taught members of the PNP Philippine National Police and Special Forces.


Andy’s attention to detail and communication skills are second to none. His proven methodology of safety concepts is kept simple, even in the chaos of attack. I found that Andy has the capability to empower you with a confident mindset and an inner belief in yourself to be able to survive an attack.

In fact, a lot of his imparting knowledge is the prevention of being attacked. Andy leads the way of educating people to be a survivor – not a victim.

Stuart Thomson – QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIADirector Thomson Green Pty Ltd Certified Practicing Accountants

I have had the pleasure of studying under and working with Mr Andy Elliott for several years now. I have found his experience and technical skills in the Martial Arts and Self Defence to be of the highest standard. I am impressed with Mr Elliott’s broad knowledge base and transitional skills between weaponry and empty hands defences. Mr Elliott’s high communications skills have successfully spotlighted his ability to teach both nationally and internationally within the martial arts industry and beyond.

Mr Elliott’s managerial skills are demonstrated by the appointment to Chief Instructor of Kombatan Arnis in Australia and New Zealand among others. On a personal note I appreciate the professionalism shown to me by Mr Elliott in assisting myself in starting up my own self defence business and would without hesitation recommend Mr Elliott in his endeavours.

Aaron Paterson – NSW, AUSTRALIANSW Correctional Officer over 10 years

My name is Manuel Boultadakis. I am a Psychologist 44 years old who has trained with a number of trainers in relation to Martial Arts. I have been training with Andy Elliott for approximately 7 years. This training has been a combination of various forms of martial arts. Andy’s professionalism and meticulous attention to detail has provided me with incredible awareness of my own personal development in the area of martial arts.

I have found Andy extremely adaptable to break things down to suit my needs, and my style of learning. I have trained with him both on a one on one basis, as well as in occasions in a class format. In both settings he is attuned to student’s needs and presents himself in a very professional manner. In my time with Andy I have found him very approachable, as well as reliable to suit my style of learning as a student but also as a human being. Andy travels all around the world to not only teach but to also further develop his own skills. I have and always will value his professionalism as well as his vast privileged knowledge, and would recommend him to teach self defence to anyone in any format.

Manuel Boultadakis – VICTORIA, AUSTRALIAPsychologist – Positive Self Well Being Centre

Our company trains the spectrum from elite professionals to everyday civilians and because people’s lives depend on our work, uncompromising excellence is our company’s mandate; both in product and service. Our conflict solutions are spawned and proven on the field of conflict (mainly, but not limited to, South Africa) and our Trainers are held to strict standards (they must prove themselves) in our rigorous in-house training. Andy Elliott, from Richmond, Australia, leads our largest training group worldwide and instructs seminars and workshops internationally.

Andy has personally introduced AMOK! into several new countries and has notably achieved wide success bringing our life-saving technology to many contacts in his own widely established network. With whatever course(s) you may select, we are confident Andy’s professionalism and presentation skills will exemplify the excellence you expect from the world’s leading edged weapons training company.

Tom Sotis – USAFounder AMOK! Edged Weapon Solutions

Andy is our Chief Instructor for Australia and New Zealand. He has achieved the rare status and honour of Grand Master in our Filipino Martial Arts. Andy is an extremely loyal and honest person with a true warrior heart. He has propagated our art around the world, along with his large following of students that travel with him.

Andy is a proven leader and educator among people due to his great communication and coaching skills.

Great Grand Master Ernesto A Presas – PHILIPPINESFounder / President IPMAF World Kombatan Arnis