Kali Three Dimensional International (K3D) is a proud heritage of combative innovation based on the fundamental roots of Filipino Kombatan Arnis & linked to the proven functional methodology of Multi Dimensional Warriors (MDW), encompassing all the dimensions of empty hand fighting, impact weapons & edged weapons

K3D teaches you how to function for real & effectively in the shortest time possible. It incorporates proven combatives that have been pressure tested!

K3D is a global organisation looking for like minded warriors that want to practice & train real FMA that actually works & not just fancy drills!

We offer the opportunity to all schools around the world to join us.

GM Andy Elliott is available for private tuition & seminars.

K3D is proud to be a part of the European Kombatan Association, keeping its roots connected with the legacy of Great Grandmaster Ernesto A Presas and also part of the World Kombatan Family.