MDW Instructors & Trainers


Authorised Instructors/Trainers are only listed on this web page. Keeping current requires consistent practice, research and putting knowledge and skills to the test in a reality based training environment. Trainers not only need to be proficient at their trade but also need the necessary training and understanding to convey these principals to participants of courses / seminars in the relevant context.

Our training centre in Richmond, Victoria is the MDW HQ in Australia. We also have a training group in Perth, W.A. The International HQ for MDW is in Cape Town, South Africa. For further information, visit
Please contact Andy Elliott for more information on getting in touch with a qualified MDW Trainer.

Becoming an MDW Trainer or Instructor is not a RANK, it is a responsibility. It is not a reward for dedication, commitment or training hard. Becoming an MDW Trainer or Instructor is a calling; a desire to share knowledge and to teach others. It is a passion!

These are the MultiDimensional Warriors Trainer and Instructor Designations:

  • Trainer In Training
  • Trainer
  • Focus Trainer
  • Instructor
  • Mentor

Trainer In Training
We believe that the preparation of a Trainer is of utmost importance. A person who is an excellent Fighter may not necessarily have the experience or tools to make a good trainer so preparing a Trainer to properly transfer life-saving skills is fundamental to creating the right platform for our Trainers and Instructors. The Trainer In Training works directly under a qualified Trainer or Instructor. He/she also has the benefit of being assigned a Mentor. A Trainer In Training is able to lead a small group covering specific Applied Dimensions for which they have demonstrated proficiency in understanding, application and presentation.

A MDW Trainer is someone who takes on the responsibility of leading a group through training and practices. Trainers have a responsibility of maintaining and upgrading their skills regularly to be able to lead MDW students in a constructive manner and insure continued problem solving and improved training. MDW Trainers need the core mechanical skills as well as an understanding of how to structure training suited to MDW student’s needs. Trainers work with a Mentor to refine their teaching skills.

Focus Trainer
A MDW Focus Trainer is a Trainer who is preparing for MDW Instructorship. He/she has a clear understanding of the Matrix and all of the Dimensions and how they relate to the Core Applied Dimensions. In addition, they are required to contribute a “Specialty” skill to the MultiDimensional Warriors Curriculum.

An MDW Instructor is a Trainer who has demonstrated a complete understanding of our various Dimensions as well as having contributed a “Specialty Dimension” to our system. This may also be a current Dimension which is to be further extrapolated by the Focus Trainer

A Mentor is an experienced Instructor who has completed the Mentorship Program. The Mentor guides the Trainers In Training through the steps of becoming a Trainer. He/she not only focuses on the material, but also all the intricacies of a teacher. The Mentor also works with the Trainer to ensure that he/she stays up to date with all the developments in MDW. In addition, the Mentor coaches the Focus Trainer throughout the development of his/her “Specialty Dimension”.