Grandmaster Andy Elliott

Founder & Chief Instructor of
Kali Three Dimensional International

Andy Elliott has been at the forefront for over 30 years, educating people of all backgrounds, imparting the methodology of life saving skills in all facets of life. After a lifetime of working on the docks & as a Bouncer on doors in the early 1980’s gave Andy a great understanding of how things can be  unpredictable & turn nasty very quickly! He has been fascinated with martial arts & fighting since he became obsessed with the TV series “The Samurai” in 1964 (& still today has all 73 swap cards).

The late Great Grandmaster Ernesto Presas promoted Andy to the rank of Grandmaster, the same day as his own son GM Ernesto (Jan) Presas at the Philippines International Camp in 2009. Andy attended the 1st “official” Kombatan camp in the Philippines in 1999 & actually helped in building the campsite. He attended another 10 International Kombatan IPMAF camps around the world, including hosting the very 1st abroad IPMAF International camp in Melbourne, Australia in 2006.

Andy held the International positions of Chief Instructor for Australia and New Zealand, along with Secretary General of Kombatan Presas Style for 12 years until he decided it was time to be more productive & start his own Global Organisation. He was inducted into the FMA International Hall of Fame in 2007 by GGM Presas & is also the official Technical Advisor to various Kombatan groups in the world.

He has trained in numerous styles of Martial Arts and Combatives over the years achieving Black Belts and Instructor levels in many disciplines, including Modern Arnis, Kali Arnis de Mano, Shukokai Karate, Kyusho-Jitsu. AMOK!, & Multi Dimensional Warriors (MDW)

Andy is an International Combatives & Defensive Tactics Instructor, conducting seminars and training around the world on a regular basis, having taught combatives in 30 countries. He embraces propagating not only Filipino Martial Arts, but also Personal Safety & Survival Skills along with representing Multi-Dimensional Warriors, where he is honoured to be one of the very few authorised / recognised International Instructors and a Mentor. Andy has introduced MDW to many countries & attends the annual MDW camps in Thailand each year.

He has also achieved Nationally Accredited Academic Qualifications including Diploma of Sports Coaching, Diploma of Sports Development & Cert 4 Workplace Trainer and Accessor, certification in Applied Neuroscience & Brain Health and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Andy has featured in numerous international Martial Arts magazines over the years. He has appeared many times in Australia’s Blitz magazine special collector’s editions, including the honour of being chosen for the front cover on a ‘one off’ special edition of ‘Masters of Combat’.

Andy instructs members from Special Forces, Law Enforcement, Prison Guards, Security, Martial Artists and Civilians both nationally and internationally, keeping his skills up by training in hard-core South Africa.

“Pressure testing combatives determines what is real. You need this to be able to train and impart combative truths as truth is always based on fact!”

Throughout the years of teaching his style of Kombatan & Combatives around the world, Andy has seen a growing need of reality training to adjust to the changing aggressive environments nowadays. Everything Andy teaches, he wants it to be able to work for real, under real pressure, proven by science & based on the principles of physics and geometry. “If you are going to train a weapon based system, then you need to be able to fully comprehend all the complexities of how to be functional & the ability to transition between any improvised tool.”

“Kali 3D” was born out of this necessity. I feel it is my sense of duty & honour to educate students with real life saving skills, not “look good” techniques! I’m sure that originally FMA was extremely effective years ago, but seems to have lost its original purpose over the years!