Why Combatives – Tactical

Benefits & Purposes




Functionality can only be achieved by training congruently. If you are only practicing against single staged attacks, pre determined attacks or without any real pressure, one can never acquire the true skills to fully comprehend how to survive or what actually works! KCI ensures that your training is from scientifically proven methodology from over 30 years experience based on the principles of physics and geometry. Realistic scenario training will provide with not only the ability to survive, but also what it takes to actually succeed in your actions. It will also prepare you to be proactive, rather than just reactive.

Body Mechanics: 

KCI priorities training specifically to fully comprehend body posture, balance, angles, distances, timing, coordination & stamina. Combatives are governed by physics & human anatomy. Our bodies are universally designed, subject to & affected identically (but not equally) by the same forces, establishing fundamental principles shared by all. Due to universal design we use the science of known & proven actions to understand how to combat all scenarios. The human body has vital areas that can be struck & various ways of causing misalignment to cause the body to drop.

Multi Tasking: 

KCI training methodology enforces the ability to be able to multi task due to utilising the attributes of unconscious actions, peripheral vision & the ability to function from any frame position. The more points of contact or hits you can inflict on an attacker gives you a huge advantage, instead of trying to go one for one exchanges, utilising only one action at a time.


KCI training ensures a student becomes equally adept in the use of both left & right sides of the body. (Only about one percent of people are naturally ambidextrous). In fact, KCI methodology actually enforces one to forget which side they are utilising by setting up speed drills & pressure that requires extremely fast actions or reactions. When questioned later what side – left or right, or what position front or rear did you use, there answer is “I don’t know, I just did it”. The more unconscious competence, the better the ambidexterity.


The ability to be able to move hands & feet separately or perform different functions at the same time is a huge advantage. KCI training doesn’t get stuck with what is right or left side, rather a complete coordination of the entire body operating as one collective unit.

Flow of Movement: 

Understanding KCI’s “Tatlong Galaw” (3 actions) simplifies your body movements & actions. There are only 3 actions – forward, reverse & straight. We don’t need to get caught up in complexities of multiple various striking actions. Striking methods is quite different to actual strike action.

Economy Of Movement: 

Knowing how to function from any body frame; i.e. open, crossed or closed enhances economy of movement. KCI teaches how to fully function from not so ideal positions, not wasting movement trying to get back to a better position. Knowing where your elbow is positioned to continue fluently into the next strike or required action is of utmost importance!

Armed Vs Unarmed Training: 

People who continually train with weapons can very easily transition to empty hand as it translates to the same body mechanics. People who only ever train empty hand without weapons will never fully understand the dynamics & mechanics of various weapons, especially edged weapons! They will generally expose all vital organs & be too front on, not realizing the complexities & dynamics of a blade. KCI insists on the correct & necessary same body mechanics, whether armed or unarmed.